The Babcock Ranch Foundation is a newly created Florida non-profit corporation whose mission is to support, enhance, and implement projects that positively impact many worthy causes in Southwest Florida. Passionate about the issues that most profoundly affect at-risk children, Foundation projects build on the rich heritage and many abundant opportunities in our region and at the Babcock Ranch Preserve. Through both partnerships and new opportunities, we strive to help educate and inspire the next generation of Floridians.


The Babcock Ranch Foundation hopes that you will join us on this journey to create a stronger community through giving back — one that is filled with opportunity and promise for all Southwest Florida residents. The Foundation’s inaugural projects are in the formation stages now, and they focus on partnerships to teach and enrich at-risk children. We welcome your participation.


Syd Kitson, Chairman & CEO of Kitson & Partners, approached creating the Babcock Ranch Foundation with the same vision and dedication evident in his creation of the new town of Babcock Ranch: “How can we use this magical place as a catalyst to make people’s lives, especially children’s lives, better? How can we effectuate real change for future generations in need? We want to start a culture in Babcock Ranch from the very beginning that is rooted in giving back, especially to the region’s children, by passing on a stable legacy. It’s part of how our company and our community can ‘step up’ for the next generation.”

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